Sophanise Penny Lane

Dob 6.02.2017


Sophanise Neptune


Pr El Zaburs Aquamarine



CFA Ch Canastalion Lemon Pie


Steeplechase Whirlaway


Steeplechase One In A Million

Steeplechase Karamel

Artemis Blueberry Pie

Barmont Sugar Pie Guy of Artemis

CH Artemis Tess DM

Atzelhof Blue Saphir of El Zaburs

Blue Cream


Kuorii Mohito


Kuorii Precious Cargo

Kuorii Luce

Blue Cream


CH Atzelhof Miss Monroe


Yellicle Cocaine


Atzelhof Love n'Kisses


Sophanise Bubbles



Algernon Scribbles

Candirand's The Sweetest Thing

Revillion DayDreams of Candirand

Candirand Beyond Beautiful

Cloverhill Hazy Dazy

Artemis Cream of the Crop
GC InStyle Appassionata
D'Eden Lover Columbia

GC D'Eden Lover Night Owl of Kuorii

Candirand's Charlie Brown of D'Eden Lover

Kuorii Moonlight Kiss

Kuorii Kiki of D'Eden Lover

Candirand's Charlie Brown of D'Eden Lover

GC Blueskyeyes Black Pearls

Sophanise Anastasia



Sophanise Merlin


Tracylooe Paco Rabanne of Sophanise


Ch Tehy Beau Blue


Kelsha Great Bear


Tehy Aggravation


CFA GC Tehy Fairytale

GC Tehy Rise n Shine DM

Steeplechase Ditto

of Tehy DM

Cloverhill Carousel


Divination Aladin

GC Couronne

Outrageously Cool

D'Eden Lover

Starshine of Divination


Ch Cloverhill Trinity

Ch Couronne

Forget Me Not

Ch Artemis

Sugar and Spice


Elledubrad Amelia

Ocalicos Charlie Chan



GC Polcann's Forever in Blue Jeans

GC Polcann's Mr Cupid of Hightime-Cats

GC Polcann's Rock-A-Bye Baby DM


GC Bolo's China Doll of Ocalicos

GC Rubyrose Lightning Bolt of Bolo
Ch Bolo's Vanessa of Noblessa

Elledubrad Cybilunrest


GC Bolo's Benjamin of Ocalicos

Tehy Klondike Bar of Bolo

GC Bolo's Snocremma

Ch Ocalicos Cybil of Elledubrad

GC Rubyrose's Teddybear of Ocalicos
Ch Rubyrose's Kitty Lue of Zaharjams